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celebrities you didn’t know were related

Birthday Present Ideas For Friends & Family

By: Hannah
Presents can be an exceedingly daunting prospect. The constant hunch that the person you are giving a present to, will not like it, is one that everyone feels and you are certainly not alone. There will never be a 100% guarantee that they will like your present, but you should try and put in the effort anyway to show that you heave really tried. Personally, I love presents that look like people have invested time into even if it something that I will never use, it makes me feel loved that someone has taken the time to get me something!
So I hope this rough guide, will give you some ease and comfort when deciding what to gift someone.
Gifts for friendsI always find buying/making gifts for my friends, easier than buying gifts for family, not necessity because I don’t know my family well enough, but because I usually try to give a gift to my friend that I would like to receive myself.Gift vouchers/money: A standard gift, always loved - but not much thought has gone into it, literally just another dollar bill, if you get me. But you can never go wrong!
A framed photo: I personally always love getting framed photos of my friends and I, especially if it is a wonderful frame!A survival kit/cute box: You can find some cute ideas here & here!
but you can put anything for example:
mix tape (Disney songs)
mini perfume
nail polish
sweets (fruitella x3 and some haribos)
52 things that are fab about your friend written on a pack of cards
a really cute card
some stickers 
a really amazing notebook
Hello Kitty band aids/plasters
some notes passed in class, just some cute reminders
bath and body shop bath stuff
but you can put whatever in your kit/box that your friend will like!You can even make this for a guy, if I were gifting for a guy I would include a few of the following:
a funny mix tape 
some mini cologne
Sweets + lollipops
funny notes 
a cute card
 maybe home baked cookies/ cupcakes
a nice beer mug/shot glasses or maybe just a nice mug 
some pens/stationary
Gifting the family
You really don’t have to go all out for your family, you should just try and think of stuff that they would like/need. I don’t really like being gifted bath stuff, and I have let my friends and family know that, so just try and think of things people would like or wantThings that are always wanted:
an iPod (?? expensive)
a yoga mat
gym clothes/ trainers
a book that they want
home made cookies/desert
Anyway, I hope this helped you! Good luck in finding the perfect present!

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